If you could Change your Life by changing your Thinking - you'd do it, wouldn't you? If you're overwhelmed or if your own self-belief needs a bit of a boost or you're just frustrated with life  - don't just sit there, come and level up! We can do this, together. 

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Hi, I'm Lise-Ann. I truly believe the power, tenacity and compassion of women will change the world for the better. Sometimes we forget just how brilliant we are. Sometimes we lose our edge, tired with fighting the good fight. We need an energy boost, a confidence top up. From time to time we need to re-focus. We all need understanding and support to re-connect with our life-force. Then we will live our finest life. 


“Working with Lise-Ann gave me a huge confidence boost and literally changed how I live my life. I'm happier, easier and have a whole plan of what I'm going to do next ”


Sandra Doherty



What do you need? Help figuring out your next step? Motivation and support? A bit of a kick to get going? 

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Find out what 's out there for you. Answer the call to action that's sounding  inside you

Not easy is it, finding the answers when you can't quite figure the problem?

Or maybe you know what you'd really really like but aren't sure how to start?


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