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I don't know what to do with my life!

If you don’t know what you want to do next with your life then you need to think about YOU for a while. :-)

Yep, you, yourself.

So, grab a pen and paper and... 

Write down the things you care about, things that anger you, things that make you laugh, feel good, inspire you. Things that anger you? To see what you care about, what might stir you to action…

What magazines or books do you read? Why? What is it about them that interests you? Or is it that they just entertain or distract you?

Follow any blogs? Why?

What TV programmes do you watch? Again why? You’re really checking yourself out here.

What do you find yourself talking to friends about? Not just work or the kids - are there social issues that concern you, plays that fascinate you?

We never look at what we’re like, who we are or who we may have become. Do you have a passion for politics, education, music? Is exercise your thing?

What you’re doing here is exploring yourself...

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Speaking Up

We are all great mutterers aren’t we?

(There are some great speaking up quotes at the bottom of the page - got anymore, send them over :-) x La)

...sometimes we’re louder than others, like if we’re shouting at something at the tv. I don’t actually do that but I’ll often sit there aghast at when’s been said or done. For me that’s mainly politics...and women  and the world...

What i definitely do a lot of is talking or muttering darkly to myself. ‘It’s not right’ not fair. It should be different. This makes me mad, how / why is this allowed?

Why is nobody taking charge of this? Who is responsible for letting this happen?

Great to be observant, great to care - but how about speaking up about it? Where or when it matters?

Muttering darkly to ourselves or giving out over a coffee or a glass of wine makes us feel better but it doesn’t change anything.

Whereas speaking to someone who could change things - a shop...

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Time to Speak Up

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2019

 Powerful Women Needed…

The empowerment of women - we often talk about this, why is it so important? 

 It's important because women have strong voices that we need to use. Why don't we speak up more? What holds us back?

Perhaps we feel inadequate or afraid that we will be judged if we speak up. There's a huge 'don't rock the boat mentality' - but to what end?

If we say nothing, do nothing, then nothing in this world will change. So we need to speak our opinions and argue for causes we believe in and debate and encourage each other and SPEAK UP.

Women have such wisdom and  huge powers of communication. We work best when we work in collaboration; sharing our ideas and beliefs is natural for us.

So is it fear then that holds us back?

Sure. it takes courage to voice opinions when society can be judgemental. For example men who speak up are considered strong, authoritative, in command. Whereas women may be judged as noisy, difficult, opinionated. And...

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Seven speedy steps for when it's all too much...

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2019

OK you’re burning out, full to bursting with work, overwhelmed, exhausted and about to pop.

Time for a break!  And run through the following:

1: Have a glass of water, cup of tea, open the window, breathe some fresh air.

2: Write it all down. Whatever you have to do, whatever is bugging you, jobs, phone calls, decisions, stuff you should be doing!

Everything that is roaming around your brain

3 Now. Focus.

Take off the list anything that is not urgent, things that will ultimately get done regardless, things that actually you can do nothing about.


4: Have a think - who can help? Think outside the box. Colleagues? Friends? Someone down the street?


5: Ask yourself:

Could anyone do this for me?

Would it save time and energy to hand something over to someone else?

Which things can I safely delegate?


6: Now go ask people!

The worst that can happen is that they say no. And remember - you would always help them out and would never mind being asked....

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The Time Of Your Life

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2019

You survived then. Those crazy early years.

The exciting but hugely demanding 20’s, 30’s, 40’s.

You left school and you got a job.
You rented somewhere to live.
You built a career.
You met a partner.
You broke up, you survived.
You lost your job, you got another.
You bought a home, had a child, had another.

Managed to hold down a full or part-time job.
Made your relationship work. Or got divorced.
Kept working.
Fed your children, sorted their education, did their homework.
Kept working or ran your full-on-home full time.

You climbed that corporate ladder, established a successful business, thrived, fell down, got up.
You kept the household running financially, emotionally, practically…

And then suddenly, in the blink of an eye, you’ve reached a whole new chapter in your life.


When the job doesn’t appeal quite so much. When your focus shifts from corporate success.
When the kids are more independent and you can come up for air.

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Women and Money

 Is it all a bit vague? Do you know about pensions? Investments?

How much is actually in your bank accounts?

Why do so many women spend more than they earn and become mired in debt?

Why do so many women delegate their financial security to a spouse or significant other?

Why do women let their money be handled by someone else, possibly allowing divorce or death to plunge them into poverty?

The subject of money is incredibly emotionally charged. It may represent power or love or control, especially in relationships.


A huge number of woman know nothing about their partner’s finances, and  they’re happy to leave it that way, for someone else to take care of it all.  To keep their heads firmly in the sand… We want to believe that this is an old way of thinking, but a lot of women hand of responsibility.

Maybe it’s because some of us were raised that way, there’s a long history of women not being taught the language of...

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Get out!

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2018

 Take advantage of what's free and available to you.

Get outside, go see the sea.
Climb every mountain, follow every dream...anyway
Walk in the hills, watch the birds, love the sunset, check out the people.

In the city find the parks, the public gardens.
Find the small things of beauty-
Good graffiti, quirky shops,
people, people, people, window boxes, stray dogs, fab cars.
Notice. It will divert you, distract you.

So now you're not sitting around thinking too much - you're out, taking it in.

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Meeting Omar Shariff

Uncategorized May 17, 2018

Meeting Omar














Many moons ago I was recording a play for the BBC. There were three of us in the cast - the late, very great, Colin Blakely, the wonderful Annette Crosbie and myself.

I was awe-struck to be working with the two of them, but they were kindness itself.
We rehearsed in North Acton, in a colourless block fondly known as the Acton Hilton.

All BBC plays and light entertainment programmes were rehearsed here, it was truly a creative hub and you never knew who would be there.

This was back in the days of Play for Today - wow, new one-off dramas every week - and there were actual weeks of rehearsal, unheard of now for television.

So there the three of us were and there, across the canteen at lunchtime, was Omar Sharif. He was rehearsing another play.

To our astonishment, Annette got up, smiled and went off and lunched with Omar and continued to do so every day. After a couple of days of...

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Keeping It Simple

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2018


Do the Crossword. The difficult one. Or Sudoko.

Keep your mind active in small ways.
Feel like a genius when you complete it.
Still feel pretty brainy when you only get half of it.


Do join the Pilates class. Go back to yoga.

Stretch your body. Just a little. Start slowly.
Don’t fight the feeling.
You are not pushing a boulder up a mountain.

You are releasing tension from your body, letting your breathe flow and giving your muscles a good time.

Enjoy the feeling.


Do the Mindfulness course. Re-start your meditation.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain.
Get back in touch with that well of calm inside you.
You remember…

Good for you for the whole day.

Find more cool ideas at this address right here - chat with me directly

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How To Tweet - Easily - Without going aaarrgghhh!

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2016

Twitter  can seem a strange place when you’re starting out - who to follow, what to write - why?

Start by following people, both friends and people you don’t know but like.  Follow people who are fun or involved in things that interest you or in  areas that connect to your work or social life.You want to read tweets that are of interest to you and you want to reach people who can connect with what you have to say.

People really want to build up followers so most people will follow you back. Suddenly you have followersA tweet can only be 140 characters long but you can add links - to  articles or photographs.

So you grab someone’s attention by your tweet and hopefully they will follow your link. This is how you can direct people to a longer article or reference or attract people to your website. 

To comment on a particular topic you can add a hashtag. (This is the # sign - get to it by holding the alt key down while you press 2)

On the side...

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