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This is the most important work I do.

I do what I do because I really care that women get the best chance at life.

Working together, one to one, allows us to deep dive quickly and easily into whatever your concerns are.

Women give, give and give  and can end up feeling tired, resentful, angry or depressed. 

These are words I hear all the time from women and it’s not coming from a place of moaning or self pity, it’s from a place of despair or frustration.  

From feeling stuck or isolated - and from not knowing how to get out of that place.

So how much are you juggling?  Career, kids, partners, family, washing, cooking, travel, money, shopping, driving…the list is endless . 

And you wonder why you can’t get clear on how to change? Why it is so hard to sort the chaos in your brain?

If you know what you want to do but you’re just not doing it - why aren’t you, what’s holding you back?

Or maybe you haven’t a clue what to do next with your life but know there’s more - why not discover it, what’s holding you back??

Overwhelmed or just a bit confused?

If these words are ringing a bell with you then coaching will really help you.

I’ll help you to clear the craziness, take you to a place of zen and plan a better way forward….

Having been stuck, frustrated and confused myself I know the biggest and best thing you can do is reach out, and get some support.

Working One to One allows us to really sort out what’s going on with you.

We’re all unique. We have our own special blend of insecurities - but we also have our very own special blend of brilliance.

Sometimes we just can’t see that brilliance within ourselves - but I see you! 

And I will take you gently to where you can see you own unique brilliance too.

Let’s talk. Email me, and we’ll set up a chat to see what works for you. I work by Zoom/Skype, across the globe.

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“Lise-Ann is awesome, a really nice person and a super smart coach - my life feels clear and gentle and powerful again”

Brenda Larby 


Coaching with Lise-Ann

"..Just before my start of my coaching I was very nervous and unsure that I wanted to do it.

I think this was mostly because I wasn’t sure if I could face myself and my insecurities both in and out of the workplace.

At the same time I had come to a point where I was feeling quite anxious generally, and if there was a day that I wasn’t feeling stressed or where I had a little bit of spare time, I would actually feel guilty and that I wasn’t doing enough in order to feel good enough.

This was affecting the quality of my work and also my personal life.

This course has given me a whole new attitude towards myself and towards others. Part of this coursework involved me looking at my weaknesses, which I found more comfortable than exploring my strengths.

Looking at both has shown me that I have far more value as a person than I ever believed, and I am much more confident in these last few months than I ever was before.

It has taught me to set boundaries for myself in relation to the amount of time I devote to others, making me more aware of the importance of looking after myself in order to help anyone else.

I found working with Lise-Ann to be relaxed and secure, and I looked forward to the sessions each week.

It helped me to gain a new perspective and to digest things that were going on around me.

I personally felt that Lise-Ann had more of an understanding of what was going on for me and that she heard what I was saying more than anyone who I know personally could have, and this has caused me to think of things differently and more positively..."


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