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About Lise-Ann

Lise-Ann McLaughlin


For most of my life I was an actor and I loved it!

I started in the acting business as soon as I left school and for over 30 years I was a full time actress and successful screenwriter and I loved it. I worked in amazing places with fascinating people and played hundreds of female characters.

I had no idea I would become a full time coach…

When I stayed home to raise my kids it was hard work and loads of fun. I stopped acting full time because my husband is also a freelance actor and our lives were just crazy!

So I wrote from home - scripts and screenplays, women-led dramas.

Then suddenly the kids were up and running, I had time on my hands and felt a bit…bored. And a bit…useless.

And yet I felt strongly that I wanted to contribute, both financially to my family and to the world in general.

The thing is, I was stuck. I was out of the big picture.

I had to think long and hard about what I could do .

So I followed my passions, for social equality, for women’s right to stand up in the world and I trained as a coach, qualifying three years ago.

Years of playing a huge variety of characters had given me a deep understanding of women’s lives and stories and of their vulnerability and strengths.

Last year I trained further, becoming a One of Many Coach, a way of coaching which helps women play to their strengths, use their instincts, wit and wisdom to get brave, find their self-belief and get back out there. 

Now my day is spent helping women, ordinary women like you and me, to transform their lives, so they’re happy, busy and fulfilled…

Sound like something you’d like to know more about?

Think coaching could help you? ( I know it could…)

Let’s talk. Email me, and we’ll set up a chat so you can ask questions and learn more.

You can email me by clicking here if you want to chat further

xx Lise-Ann

( If you're interested or thinking "where do I know her from?" here's my TV biography)


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