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"... Just before my start of my coaching I was very nervous and unsure that I wanted to do it. I think this was mostly because I wasn’t sure if I could face myself and my insecurities both in and out of the workplace. At the same time I had come to a point where I was feeling quite anxious generally, and if there was a day that I wasn’t feeling stressed or where I had a little bit of spare time, I would actually feel guilty and that I wasn’t doing enough in order to feel good enough. This was affecting the quality of my work and also my personal life. This course has given me a whole new attitude towards myself and towards others. Part of this coursework involved me looking at my weaknesses, which I found more comfortable than exploring my strengths. Looking at both has shown me that I have far more value as a person than I ever believed, and I am much more confident in these last few months than I ever was before. It has taught me to set boundaries for myself in relation to the amount of time I devote to others, making me more aware of the importance of looking after myself in order to help anyone else. I found working with Lise-Ann to be relaxed and secure, and I looked forward to the sessions each week. It helped me to gain a new perspective and to digest things that were going on around me. I personally felt that Lise-Ann had more of an understanding of what was going on for me and that she heard what I was saying more than anyone who I know personally could have, and this has caused me to think of things differently and more positively. "


"Lise-Ann helped me to see that change was possible and that it was ok to have fun while I was changing...:-)"

Noreen O'Hanlon

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