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Discover what really matters to you and in what direction you’re going to go next.

Discover your values, learn how to play to your strengths and how to make the changes you really want to make in your life, the changes you would make if only you knew how to,  if you only  had the confidence to try… if you only knew what it was you needed.

It’s hard to ignore the wee flame inside of you that wants to roar into life….

You know when you feel a little leap inside and you think

”Ooh I want to do that!”   or “I want to travel there”  or  “I want to do something for my community…” I wonder if I could set up a business?”  or “I wonder could I change jobs, go in a different direction?” or  “I need a new life!”

And then you say to yourself

“It’s too expensive” or “that’s just a pipe dream.”  “I have no time” or  “Don’t be ridiculous - there’s work, the kids , my mother…”

…and you let that flame slowly die down? And settle for 

“I should be happy with what I’ve got. (But I’m not)”

Time to take action! Give you the self believe and release your natural brilliance to do exactly what you want - happily and easily, from a place of ease and strengthened wisdom.

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Women chat to camera after a Wild at Heart Workshop led by Lise-Ann


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